The First Poop Emoji Putter Has Been Released And It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

Do you putt like shit? Then this is the putter for you! The good folks at Intech have introduced … drum roll please … the Intech Golf #2 Poop Putter. Seriously, we wish we were joking. This instant classic features a 360-gram version of the poop emoji we all know a love attached to a 35-inch shaft. Plus it even comes with its own brown headcover which reads “it’s time to go” !!!!!

Still don’t believe us? Here’s the hilarious product description:

It’s a do or die putt. Legs trembling in anticipation. You tell yourself, “It’s time for the #2!” You grab your trusty Intech putter. You bend over, contract your muscles, and let out an exhale. You make your movement. The ball rolls towards the hole. Plop! It drops in. You let out a sigh of relief… you’ve drained it!

The Intech Golf #2 Poop Putter is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face in your foursome. Take care of business on the green with the poop emoji-shaped putter which is so funny, it will make you nearly poop your pants. This face-balanced mallet design is more than just a novelty item, it will roll your ball as smooth as fudge with no skid marks. The high MOI putter provides added forgiveness whether you are pinching a loaf on that breaking downhill 3-footer or trying to drop a bomb on your partners who won’t believe it when you splash it into the chute. Your putting game will no longer stink and you will be the King of the Throne at the 19th hole with the Intech #2 Poop Putter.

While we may not see this beauty on Tour in 2018, you have to admit it looks better than some of the crap (pun obviously intended) out there. Please note: toilet paper is not included!


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