“YouTube Golfer” Waxes Current World No. 1 By Eight Shots, Finally Reveals True Identity (Hint…It’s Tiger Woods)

(TIS) — In a stunning turn of events, the man known as the “YouTube Golfer” waxed current World No. 1 Dustin Johnson by eight shots over four days at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. But it was only after he tapped in on the 72nd hole during Sunday’s final round for an 8-under 280 total and a T9 finish when he finally revealed his true identity.

“I’m back, bitches,” a triumphant Tiger Woods proclaimed as he tipped his Nike hat and waved to the crowd in his traditional Sunday Red polo.

Woods, who’s fresh off his fourth back surgery, had been missing since 2013. His storied career which includes 79 wins and 14 majors was thought to be finished after a series of unfortunate events and a downward spiral of apparent pain and depression.

Eventually, tales of his success and talent spread across generations in the form of YouTube videos. From his patented stinger to emphatic fist pumps and club twirls, golf fans of young and old would relive these moments on the internet because they were the only artifacts they believed they had left.

Slowly over time Woods simply became a mythical figure known only as the “YouTube Golfer.” In fact, calling him by his real name almost became taboo.

While there were attempts of a return over the past few years, plans were foiled as imposters who posed as Woods would usually WD after posting rounds of 78 or higher, blade chips shots over the green and complain of their glutes not being activated.

However, this week was different. The attitude was positive and relaxed, the speed was up there with the young guns, and the recoil on a 265-yard 2-iron has never been more forceful. While it seemed like it could really be the legend that is Tiger Woods, nobody was certain until that very moment.

“There were a lot of people who would question if I’d ever play competitive golf again,” a fused Woods said after the round. “Guess what? Daddy’s home.”

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