Brandel Chamblee Calls DJ’s Drive “Greatest Shot Ever,” Promptly Gets Called Out By Tour Pro

In case you haven’t heard, DJ hit one of the most ridiculous drives you’ll ever see from 430-yards to a few inches during the final round of the Sentry Tournament of Champions. Also in case you haven’t heard, Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee likes to hear himself talk.

After the round, Brandel and his perfect hair went on record and called the drive “the greatest shot ever hit,” then listed his favorite full shots ever hit on the PGA Tour:

While it was unbelievable, classifying a golf shot that occurs in a limited field event in January as the “greatest ever” is even more over the top than my swing.

Yes, it was amazing and may very well end up being one of the shots of the year, but it was no Sarazen’s “shot heard round the world” at the ’35 Masters or Jack’s laser one-iron that hit the stick at the ’72 U.S. Open at Pebble. Those were at majors and they actually mattered.

However, Brandel decided to go full bore to prove his point and compared the fact that DJ had 6-inches and playing competitor and Mark Whalberg doppelganger, Brian Harman, had 152 left. Needless to say, it hilariously backfired.

From the top rope, Harmon savagely replied to Chamblee’s comment:

We know DJ hits it long, but outdriving a fellow pro by 150+ yards is highly unlikely. It’s odd that somebody who penned a book titled “The Anatomy of Greatness” could overlook such an obvious detail.

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