Outside the Ropes

Michelle Wie Essentially Blames “Hormonal Mood Swings” For Making Caddie’s Life Miserable This Year

Michelle Wie concluded her 2017 season this past weekend and in true millennial fashion, posted a thank you on Instagram to her sponsors, swing coach and fans who supported her throughout the year. But the one that really stands out is the one she reserved for her caddie.

“Huge thank you to my caddy Matthew Galloway for putting up with me and all my hormonal mood swings every day on the course,” she said. Really? Hormonal mood swings? Every day?! Yikes.

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Japanese Prime Minister Hilariously Falls Backward Into Bunker, Dusts Himself Off Like Nothing Happened

It wasn’t just another day at the beach for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he recently teed it up with President Donald Trump and the country’s rising son (pun intended), World No.4 Hideki Matsuyama. The power threesome was playing a round at Kasumigaseki Country Club in Japan when the 63-year-old Abe found himself in a fairway bunker. After seemingly escaping from it with his next shot, he attempted to exit the sand but when he got to the top, he took a bit of a tumble backward.