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Lexi Thompson Blows 2-Foot Putt, Still Wins $1 Million Because Golf

Lexi Thompson can’t catch a break in 2017. Just kidding…she missed a 2-foot putt and is now a million dollars richer. The 22-year-old American who seems like she’s been on the LPGA Tour since she’s been born had a chance to win not only the CME Group Tour Championship on Sunday but the entire Race to the CME Globe (the ladies version of the FedEx Cup) as well as locking Player of the Year honors. 

BREAKING: Henrik Stenson WDs From Final Two European Tour Events, Is Not Actually A Superhero

Unfreakin’ believable! The Stensonator is on the shelf the rest of the year because of a goddamn promotional photo shoot! The man who can bend steel shafts by simply staring at them now has to miss the final two events of the European Tour’s Race to Dubai because of a rib injury presumably from being hoisted into the air for a stunt that he didn’t want to partake in. Seriously. Whoever OK’d this at HSBC is in big, BIG trouble.